Monday, 19 April 2021


Regarding the rites of passage of the Duke of Edinburgh

Sitting alone in a near empty church at the funeral of her husband is probably the first time the Queen has shared the common experience of her subjects since she had to go into an air raid shelter every night.

Monday, 15 June 2020


Minneapolis and colour revolution

The USA is undergoing a nervous breakdown.  Its racial issues, which have never been accommodated, have again broken through.  People of all races have taken, en masse, to the streets.

The underlying economic issues, 80% of the population are living paycheck to paycheck, unemployment is at 20% and rising, have created anger and despair .
Police brutality has been exposed as systemic.

The Military has issues of morale.  The Pacific Air Forces Commander has made an emotional public statement about his life as a person of colour.
The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of staff has sent around a memo that the military is there to defend  the Constitution.
They are telling their President Trump that they won’t put up with his nonsense any longer.

This will have been noticed by leaders around the world.  Trump is not someone they can do business with.  In the terminology of salesmen, “he doesn’t qualify”.  He can’t deliver.

The DPRK has already responded and broken off negotiations with the USA and ROK.

Tuesday, 10 December 2019


A vote for Labour will be a vote for Peter Mandelson.   It will be a vote for Blairism, for neoliberalism.

No matter what radical agenda is in the Labour Manifesto, the people charged with implementing it will be the same ones who have spent the last four years trying to remove Jeremy Corbyn from leadership of the Labour Party.
The same people who dishonoured the last manifesto pledge “Labour respects the referendum result ....”   and spent the next two years obstructing the Brexit process.
The people who have brought calumny on their Party, disregarding that they too are condemned in the lies and smears they propagate.

80% of Labour MP’s are opposed to Jeremy Corbyn as Leader of the Labour Party.  These people  will be standing as Labour candidates in the forthcoming General Election.

Since the election of Jeremy Corbyn as leader, Party membership has increased by 250%.  The above state of affairs is the responsibility of the new members.  They have been indolent about changing the direction or membership of the Parliamentary Party.

They have tolerated their MP’s smearing them.
Thy have tolerated (Lord) Peter Mandelson saying he is working “every single day” to bring to an end to Corbyn’s leadership.
They have tolerated the continued membership of Tony Blair and his War Cabinet who have brought opprobrium not only on their Party but on our country. 

A vote for any sitting Labour MP will be a vote for the ancien rĂ©gime.  The Corbyn revolution is over.  The invigorated Party membership let it happen.